Colorblind Photographer Takes Stunning Photographs Of Mesmerizing Landscapes

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Kilian Schönberger, a 28 year old German photographer and geographer, can’t distinguish green from red, magenta from grey, or violet from blue. Despite this, he captures inspirational and amazing landscapes one can ever come across. His long-time aspiration was to cut his own path as a photographer with his own creative perspective despite his situation. He turned his so-called disadvantage into strength and developed his own unique photographic view and style of the world around him. Instead of focusing on colors, he composes fairy tale scenes just like children story book illustrations. He explored remote rural areas in Central Europe to find natural settings similar to backdrops in Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel or Snow White. Kilian prefers temperate, high latitude, and alpine landscapes which helps him when he’s photographing landscapes. The harsh beauty of those areas and the peculiar melancholy that surrounds them inspires him to shoot.

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