5 Casual Clothing Items Every Man Should Own

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Before we start with this article, we want to make something absolutely clear. Casual wear does not mean gym wear and it also does not mean that you can get lazy or dress unstylishly. Casual wear is simply a way to dress down, to feel more comfortable and to look better in certain situations where you don’t have to dress so formally. So, let’s get started.

1. Denim


Denim would typically mean a good pair of fitted jeans. Every man needs a good pair of jeans if not a few pairs of jeans in their wardrobe. Jeans are a versatile classic piece that can be worn with a variety of outfits. Wear a grey sports jacket with a white button down shirt and dark fitted jeans. This will make for a great casual outfit for a variety of events. Denim could also mean a denim shirt that is another good classic casual piece. A denim shirt can be dressed up or dressed down. It even means a denim jacket. So make sure you invest in good denim, especially a good pair of jeans.

2. White Leather Sneakers


A white pair of leather sneakers are really going to bridge that gap between a dress shoe and a very casual shoe. If you wear good shoes, it is going to improve your outfit altogether, but that does not mean you go around walking everyday in leather oxford shoes or dress shoes. The issue is that some men tend to have very good dress shoes but very bad choices of sneakers. You should invest in a good pair of white leather sneakers like the Adidas Stan Smith, but there are a lot of other options out there.

3. Grey Sweatshirt/Jumper


With this too, fit is very important. A grey sweatshirt can look terrible if it does not fit you well. You can wear a sports jacket on top, a bomber jacket or you can wear it on its own. Again, this is a very versatile piece of clothing that never seems to get dull.

4. A Leather Jacket


This is the epitome of masculinity. Every man needs a leather jacket in his wardrobe. A leather jacket is something that a lot of men are put of by. This is probably because if you haven’t worn a leather jacket before, it really is hard to gather that comfort zone around one. But, trust us, a leather jacket makes any man look good. There are various different styles with leather jackets. You can get a biker jacket, a bomber jacket, or you can get something that is subtle, with not a lot of detail in it. Alongside that, make sure that you invest in good leather because cheap leather will only make you look cheap.

5. A T-shirt


One of the simplest items that every man can own is a T-shirt. You are probably thinking that this isn’t any ground breaking advice, but a T-shirt is something you can go to on any occasion. You want to make sure that your T-shirts are well fitted and at the same time you want to make sure that they are well made. A lot of times, people go for the cheapest T-shirt that isn’t made from good cotton and isn’t manufactured well. They start to shrink after a few washes and it won’t look good at all. So, you want to invest in good classic white, grey and black T-shirts. If you want to dress it up, you can go for a Polo or a Henley shirt.

Out of these five items, which is your best and how many do you own? Tell us.