A DIY Guide To Painless Shoes

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How many times have you bought a gorgeous pair of shoes and worn them out the next day, but completely regretted it because your feet got all blistered?

We are going to share with you some tricks to make any new shoe comfortable to wear.

1. Wear Socks (At Home)


If your shoes are too tight, try wearing a pair of socks in your sandals or shoes and do this at home for a couple of days. If you can’t wait to stretch out your shoes, while you have your socks on, blow dry your shoes, and this will also stretch them out.

2. Use Deodorant or Talcum Powder


Drop some amount of clear deodorant on your toes and heels. This will reduce the friction and make wearing your new shoe a little more comfortable. Another thing you can do if you have really tight shoes is that dust your feet with some talcum powder or apply some baby oil/lotion all over your feet. This will make your feet just glide into your new shoes.

3. Prevent Blisters


Sometimes we have shoes that have a really tight back-strap and this causes blisters. To avoid these blisters, before you wear your shoes, you can apply a band-aid across your heel or any other area that you think is uncomfortable in your shoes.

4. Use Stick On Fabric


Some people don’t like the look of a band-aid, so instead of that, you can use a piece of self stick fabric and cut it according to the size of your strap. This way you will not have anything showing.

5. Keep Them Dry


So you have probably noticed how it is harder to put on your clothes while your body is still damp after a shower, the same goes for when you are wearing your shoes. Make sure your feet are completely dry before you put your new shoes on or it is going to be quite hard to get them on.

6. Use Silicone Stickies


If you are not a big fan of DIY, you can just buy silicone stickies. They make the heel and ball of the foot really comfortable. They also come with a little strips that you can stick at the back of your shoe.

The next time you want to go out and wear a pair of new shoes that are slightly painful, you can use one of these tricks and be absolutely comfortable. Also, let us know which one of these worked out best for you in the comment section below.