Being A Man Is Not A Cakewalk And They Deserve To Feel Special Too

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Being a woman isn’t easy, but being a man in today’s world is not easier either. Men have their own battles to fight and hardly any option to choose from.

From being the breadwinners to the fix-it guys, men are doing it all and it is time we all gave the poor guys a break too!

HE Deodorants came up with two hilariously cute videos to glorify the role of men in our lives.

Check out this video where poor men share their pain of not being acknowledged enough for all the odd jobs that they do. It is so apt that it will make you sympathize with them from the core of your heart.

…and sure, women decided to show the beloved men some love and give them a break, because after all, they deserve to feel special. Check it out here.

Dear men, we love you! Happy International Men’s Day.