Why Bengaluru Felt Entitled To Molest Its Women On New Year’s Eve

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December 31, 2016 will go down in the memories of Bengalureans as a very sad day. It will be remembered for all the wrong reasons possible. People will not cherish this day but shudder every time its thought crosses their minds.

Bengaluru, a city that always prided itself on being bold, progressive and a safe haven for women proved to be a nightmare. Welcoming the New Year with mass molestation would have been the last resolution on anyone’s list. Most resolutions die within few days, but knowing the surroundings well, this one is here to stay. This resolution will not die, until the year ends or maybe not even then.

“My mom thinks my daughter is safe in Bengaluru because south India is comparatively safe. These incidents are such let downs to people who had faith.”

Arunima Goswami, Bengaluru

Being attracted to opposite sex is nature’s gift to mankind. It’s beautiful. So is being in one’s consciousness. It is rather unfortunate that many men have a very disgraceful way of appreciating what they are attracted to, they do not give the respect their vision deserves. I say this, because, I’ve noticed it quite often. You are not supposed to like girls for fantasies, but it happens and sometimes, lives. They are literally scanned. Quite unfortunate, isn’t it? Appreciating something beautiful should always be an honor. I’m still not talking about molestation. I’m talking about all those men who would probably never molest someone. But they still do it in their minds, as their minds are still corrupt. They don’t appreciate, they conjure up detestable pictures of women in their head.

“I am beyond disgusted to say the least but I am not surprised. And I think that is the saddest bit for me. This narrative that women should be a certain way to ensure that she is safe is deeply problematic. It’s not that it’s exclusive to India but it is much more deep rooted in our society.”

Bipasha Chaudhuri, Queensland, Australia

Some men are unable to contain their desire and this is when they molest or rape, and it is entirely justified in their head. They blame the length of her skirt, and the way her frame sways, tick tock!  We never blame alcohol or their vile thoughts or their upbringing because, she is always there to blame. I said, it is nature’s gift to mankind to be in their consciousness. But some happily trade it with stupefaction and when this is mixed with intoxication, it becomes a bad cocktail.

“Well The Karnataka Home Minister blamed women’s ‘western dressing’ for such incidents. He said, ‘They tried to copy the westerners, not only in their mindset but even in their dressing. So some disturbance, some girls are harassed, these kinds of things do happen.’ Maybe elect someone more Western next time? Someone that doesn’t cite “western clothes” as the reason of mass molestation. Shame! No seriously, how dare you!”

Abhishek Gurung, Bengaluru

It is not a specific girl who is their target. Their target could be any girl dressed in white or black, for their thoughts and imagination are left to run amok. They neither have the ability to control. Alcohol just acts as fuel. They do exactly of what they have made themselves capable of. And then, there also exists certain disgusting and foul souls who don’t even need to get drunk to unleash their demons. They run by their own blood. Alcohol and many other factors may well drive someone to do this, but there is only one reason for such behavior. An immoral, undesirable, irresponsible and criminal thought. A wrong man. Unfortunately, it shames everyone.

“Shameful act by the shameless with an arrogant upbringing.”

Swati C. , Mumbai

The revelers who allegedly groped scores of women at MG Road and Brigade Road in Bengaluru have hung our head in shame.They are the reason safety of women is a cause of concern in our country, nothing else. It is not because of the way she dresses, the way she talks, the way she eats whatever she eats or the way she dances.

“A ‘garden’ city as it is known is losing its true ingredient of letting its inhabitants breathe a ‘safer, cleaner air’ because of a few unwanted, uninvited deeds and acts by a very few contaminated minds.”

AnKy, Bengaluru

The biggest question is would this change?

Whatever happened that night is certainly inexcusable. How would it change though? While at work or at college a guy talks to his other male friends making all possible lewd remarks to objectify any girl he sees, although they are there for the same reason as you are. Yes, she may not have heard it. But does that mean you haven’t said this?

Let every guy ask himself, if what happened in Bangalore this New Year’s Eve is a slightest reflection of their thoughts. Your answer will either inspire you or correct you.