Bengaluru Mass Molestation: Who Is To Blame Really?

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Crimes against women have been an issue of concern since the inception of civilization, but why is it that after enforcing innumerable laws protecting the modesty and dignity of women, we are yet to see it on Television or read it on a newspaper that there has been a reduction in the percentage of crime against women? Why are crimes against women increasing with each passing day? Today, if we were to make a honest judgement about this issue, who would we blame? The men? Their upbringing? Or would we blame the women and their family? Would it be safe to conclude that Indian parents aren’t raising their sons in the right manner or, are Indian women being too casual with their lifestyles and inviting this upon their self? I bring up these questions because the statement itself reads “crime against women“. The crime is against women and yet, questions are always raised against women.


The evening of the last day of the year is an evening when everybody celebrates, bids farewell to one year and welcomes a fresh year. However, amidst the celebrations in Bengaluru’s MG Road and Brigade Road where, despite a high frequency of male and female police officers patrolling the streets to ensure an incident-free celebration, CCTV cameras at every nook and corner, scores of women were molested by men. A CCTV footage of the incident has also become viral on the internet which shows two men on a motorcycle approaching a woman walking alone, stopping beside her and trying to force themselves upon her.



Apart from the footage, there are also photographic evidences of the horror that the women were subjected to that night, women who left their homes in the evening, anticipating a good time ahead. In response to the incident, a certain someone from the field of Politics blamed it on the “western dressing” followed by the women in the urban areas of mainland India. Indirectly, blaming the women for whatever happened that night.

Broadly - Vice

Broadly – Vice

What I fail to understand is, how does the attire of a woman cause men to behave in a certain manner? If not the mentality and intention of such men (read hooligans) who show no respect to women, then who or what is to be blamed? Why is it that women are always told to not stay out late, to avoid speaking to strangers, to not travel alone at night, to avoid parties, to take an alternate route when their is a shortcut?


Why aren’t men raised in the same manner, a manner in which they are repeatedly told to respect women? Why?