Clear Blue Sea And White Sand Beach-Why Varca In Goa Should Be On Your Travel List

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If you are seeking some solitude and calm in the company of a tranquil beach and undisturbed coastline, Varca is your paradise. Varca is undoubtedly one of the best beaches lining up the Goan shore in the south, devoid of the maddening clutter and crowd.

“The beach is literally a stretch of white sand and clear blue sea, something that the north of Goa fails to provide. The long secluded beach makes it ideal for cycling or quiet and peaceful walks, especially during sunset. The beautiful scenery of palm trees that dot the entire lining of the beach will remain etched in your hearts, like it is in ours.”


My husband and I were looking for a weekend getaway and Varca was exactly what we were looking for. We took an early morning flight from Mumbai and it roughly took us an hour to reach Goa. Instead of hiring a cab and heading to our resort in Varca, we decided to rent a bike and getting there, without the help of ‘google maps’. Sadly though, there was no place from where we could hire a bike near the airport. We had to get to Vasco Da Gama to get ourselves a bike. Dejected, a cab seemed like the only option. But there was hope, after asking around a little further, we learned that we could take a ‘mini bus’ and head to ‘Vasco’, as it is popularly called.

Elated, we hopped on a ‘mini’ like pro Goans. The bus ride was a rather delightful one as the ride unfolded before our eyes pretty whitewashed churches, women and men leaving for work, shopkeepers preparing to begin their day’s business and old folks sitting in the balcony of crumbling colonial houses, without a hint of urgency in their eyes. The sights and sounds were so captivating that before I even realised, we reached Vasco. We got off close to the fish market and there they were, rows and rows of two wheelers, begging for our attention. Thankful that we had decided against carrying along a suitcase, the husband and I zeroed down on a classic two wheeler and zoomed out of the place for our ultimate destination, Varca!

Varca was thirty kilometers away from where we were, but we were in no real hurry to get there as we were mesmerised with what Goa had to offer. Even though this was our third trip to Goa together, the southern part of Goa was entirely new to us, and we were out of our wits to express what we saw. We passed gorgeous Portuguese churches, grand old villas and bungalows painted in ice-cream colours. Rice paddies stretched into the distance on one side of the road, while on the other, there were rolling, palm-covered hills.

Soon, we reached Ramada Caravela beach resort, the place we were going to call home for the weekend. Even though we were tired from the journey and hot under the mid-morning sun of March, we rushed to the beach as soon as we checked in. The soft white sand under our feet made it impossible for us to reach the water but we fought our way through, giggling and then laughing to the blue expanse. The one good thing about this resort was that we had an access to their private beach and how! Clean, calm and soothing, it felt like we had reached paradise.

Here are a few glimpses from our stay at Ramada Caravela Beach Resort.

At Varca, nature is at its unspoiled best, with beautiful black lava rocks adoring the shore. The beach gives you a glimpse of the traditional fishing villages in Goa.

Moreover, there are a number of beach shacks, where tourists can indulge in authentic Goan cuisine and sea delicacies. Besides, it also offers a number of tourist activities like watching the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin, boat trips on the river Sal, water-skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, jet skiing, banana boating, diving, fishing and other interesting water activities. As far as we were concerned, we sunbathed and watched the Arabian sea roar and hiss in its entire glory.
After a rather eventful day at the beach, we decided to dine at the resort’s restaurant. As we lingered at our table with the untouched coast stretching out before us, it struck me that this was the Goa I was looking for. There were no beach parties, fire-jugglers or smoke induced shrill and laughter here. There was only a sense of calm, comfort and belonging here, the kind that enthralls you and leaves you speechless.