Conversation Topics You Should Avoid Having On A First Date

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First dates can be nerve-wracking and so, do not blame yourself if you drift to areas that are uncomfortable and slightly embarrassing, whenever there is a lag in conversation. It can leave you grasping for something or just about anything to talk about. But you should always remember that it is always best to keep certain things at bay on your first date.

Follow this list of things that you should avoid talking about on your first date to save yourself from some awkwardness.

1. Your Ex



Regardless of the role your ex plays in your life now, it is best to keep him or her out of the conversation, and trust me, you don’t want to know about theirs. Bringing up your ex-lovers during conversation will only hint to your date that you are perhaps still interested, or worse, your date might start to wonder about the other side of the story and possibly project himself or herself into a future conversation where you complain about them. You do not want your past to ruin a potentially better future, do you?

2. Marriage



Talking about marriage on a first date will only lead to an awkward pause. This is an area that you should really avoid treading on. Let your first date be all about keeping it simple and having a good laugh. The mention of the word ‘marriage’, regardless of context, will only put your date off.

3. Things You Hate



Nobody likes a whiner on a first date! Worse still, no one likes a person who cannot literally stop complaining about things once they have started. Rather, talk about things you like. You will come off as way more positive.

4. Your Job



Your date would probably like to hear a little bit about what you do. Try to keep it brief and positive, because unless you’re an astronaut or a superhero, your job is probably boring. Do not talk about how much you hate your job, the intricacies of your cubicle, your colleagues hitting on you, your stuck up boss and all things blah! Do not bring that negative energy into the conversation. A positive person is so much better to be with.

5. Religion And Politics



This is a big NO! When making small talk, always avoid talks on religion and politics. If you met at church or the seminary, it’s probably okay, but not otherwise. These topics have the potential of evoking strong sentiments and you should keep away from them on your first date. If you do happen to talk on one of these topics, make sure you do not hurt your date’s sentiments by being offensive or hurtful.

6. Kids



If you do not have kids, you should only talk about children and their importance to you after you have been on more than a few dates. Skip this topic altogether, as it has all the wrong potentials to tick your date off.

7. Money

This is another one of those topics that you need to wait before bringing up and besides, this topic is a lot less fun to talk about. You wouldn’t want your date to ask you about how much you earn right? Exactly our point!

8. Famous and Well-Connected Friends

Contacts of famous and influential people should stay in your phone book and not anywhere else. Going out of your way to bring up the illustrious people you know is a real turn off. It conveys your insecurity and makes you less interesting a person.

9. How Nervous You Are



Instead of dwelling on how nervous you are, try shifting the conversation to focus on them. This conversation will only end up with, “Me too”, or “I am really not”, and then there will be an awkward pause and you will not know how to break the ice.

10. What You Found Out About Them When You Googled Them!


Are you a spy or a stalker?!

Guys, don’t let these first date conversation mistakes stand in the way of a second date.

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