Draping Is The New Contouring And Here Is All That You Need To Know About It

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From contouring your face to contouring your calf muscles, admit it, you have done it all and it is time you moved over. Draping is a new makeup technique that women should embrace. Hold on, it isn’t me who is saying this to you but Marc Jacobs and when he talks, you listen.

But what is the draping technique? It is essentially the application of blush in a light swirling motion to the high points of the face, tops of cheekbones, temples and brow bone. Draping your neck and chin balances everything out. It highlights the natural drape of your face and, so, the name draping. Duh!

The draping technique isn’t truly a new concept. It has been around from the ’60s and ’70s. It was popularized by Way Bandy, a celebrity makeup artist. This concept became the buzzword recently, when Marc Jacobs honored his friend, Bandy, by announcing the launch of the Air Blush Soft Glow Duo (It hits the UK in September). The product is a blush duo palette with two shades for customizing your own natural-looking glow. Jacobs wants to ensure that the late iconic artist gets the credit he deserves for publicizing this form of art.

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To drape your face, you need to apply a darker shade of blush on your cheekbones using an angled brush. Then, you need to use a flat brush to apply the lighter blush to blend and clean any harsh lines. The cardinal rule of draping remains the same, blend, blend and blend.

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Unlike contouring, draping gives you a more natural look. You do not need any dark contouring products to master the art of draping. The technique enhances your natural features and makes you look younger.

Ladies, move over contouring already!