Fighting Misconceptions Related To Bongs

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Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is purely of the author’s and if this article pains you in any way, we are going to judge you, BIG TIME!

The Bangali Shomaj has had to face harsh remarks and downright absurd theories on them by the world. Is it just because Bangalis do not have a Raj Thackeray amidst that people can get away?
Since throwing smelly shutki maach or our very own wobbly dim er poach at such people not (always) the solution, let me try and humbly (since the world again is of the false opinion that Bangalis are not very outspoken or aggressive) “DRILL A HOLE” of sense into their, well, seemingly mota matha.

There are several bogus and jaata notions attached to the Bangalis that are considered to be precise synonyms. Therefore, I stand as a representative of all those fellow Bongs who’ve been ridiculed and misunderstood of being what they’re absolutely not in reality!

It Isn’t Always About Maach And Roshogolla

A significant number of contemporary Bangalis DO NOT eat maach and mishti. They rather condemn fish and sweetmeat unlike their forefathers. They’ve greater fondness for chicken wings and butterscotch fruit salad. Period!

We Do Not Stick To The Obvious, Obviously All The Time

Now, I know Bongs who detest Sourav Ganguly and support Salgaocar in football. Dada, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan have become alien topics with some of us. The unending ilish and chingri debate is a pastime of the Jethus, Pishas and gyaani-gunis of the family whereas the Bhatija and Bhatijis have high regards for both ilish and chingri, irrespective of what the past holds. (For those who may say that I’ve spoken about fish here despite the ‘contemporary bangalis’ detesting it, I’d like to say that ilish is not just a fish and chingri is definitely not a fish!)

The False Belief Relating To Porashona

The bongo-sontaans no longer stay away from the light in their dark studies solving ‘sums’. They also study the intricacies of gerunds from Wren and Martin and other such books. The point is, not every Bangali Maa Baba force their children to either become an Engineer or a Doctor. Some of them are allowed to chase their dreams.

Sunday Addas is not equal to CPI(M) AND DIDI

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but, the topic of our Sunday addas no longer only comprise of Buddhadeb Da and Didi. We’ve learnt to go beyond the Maa Maati Maanush slogan and have learnt to draw parallels between the grim poverty of Indonesia and India. The laal cha, however, remains a constant.

Romance They Say Means A Lot Of Poetry And Sublimity

This is shown as a negative. Evidently things would be better if Bangali men said ‘Chalti Hain Kya Nau Se Baraah’ rather than quoting from Neru-Da, Nero-Da (any bald-headed intellectual) Deri-Da and the great Dero-Da (the bearded one—Rabindranath Tagore). Bong men will be equally comfortable singing ‘Ding Dang’ if that is what is needed to get the Suchitra Sens of today all warmed up.

As I write the final lines of this article, I deeply hope that people would change the way they look at us. We are indeed not like how others think we are. There’s definitely more to the Bangalis than what meets the eye and it’s a chi chi, ki lojja’r kotha if you think that we were nothing more than a fish eating community.

Image source: Tumblr