Health Benefits To Wearing Indian Accessories

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Since time immemorial, Indian women have decked themselves up with stylish ornaments. Now obviously, jewellery has a charming way of enhancing a woman’s beauty. But here is something surprising that you didn’t know. Your favourite ornaments can also boost your health.


The pulse felt on the wrist area helps medical professionals diagnose ailments. Bangles cause friction on the wrist area which helps in increasing the blood circulation levels. The round shape of the bangle also prevents energy from passing out of the body and getting wasted. This helps a woman to retain her strength.

Toe Rings

Wearing toe rings indicate a woman’s marital status and have sexual effects as they put pressure on the nerves that are connected to the uterus and the heart. Wearing toe rings on both feet is believed to regulate the menstrual cycle, thereby, increasing a woman’s chances of conceiving.


Indian philosophers believe that getting your ears pierced helps in your intellectual development by assisting in better decision making and increasing your thinking power. When you wear earrings, it puts pressure on the middle of fleshy earlobes that affect the nerves which are connected to the reproductive organs, regulating your menstrual cycle.

Chabi Challa

While wearing a saree, inserting a chabi challa at the edge of the pleats helps you keep your throat clear of mucus and phlegm. This is due to the acupressure the hook exerts when it comes in contact with skin, thereby assuring you have a clear voice. So go ahead and sound like a nightingale.


Sindoor or vermilion is prepared by mixing turmeric, lime and metal mercury. Mercury activates the gland in our brains where all our feelings are centered and keeps the brain active and alert.

So go ahead and wear your favourite jewellery and enjoy its health benefits.

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