Men, Here Is The Ryan Gosling Guide To Being Irresistible

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Ryan Gosling may have charmed the ladies with The Notebook and Blue Valentine, but, it was Crazy, Stupid, Love that made Ryan Gosling the style icon that he is today. His on-screen wardrobe and his chiseled frame made women go gaga over him and men wishing for a wardrobe like his.

Well, luckily for you, we have put together everything you need to know on how to get Ryan Gosling’s style.

The Coloured Suit


A black suit is timeless, but you do not always have to wear it whenever you dress up formally. Do as Gosling does and mix it up by injecting some colour into your more formal wardrobe. Remember, if your suit shouts, the rest of your outfit should whisper, so keep accessories to a minimum.

Get A Bomber

Gosling’s go-to casual jacket is the bomber. Team it up with tapered jeans or chinos in natural, earthy tones like khaki, brown and denim and you will never miss a game. Just remember to go for a slim fit that hits just above the waist when you choose that bomber.

Bank On A White Tee


What can go wrong with a basic white tee? Precisely, absolutely nothing! They are a staple wardrobe piece for Gosling. Plain white tees will take you from the studio to street and every other place in between with a lot of style and ease. Slim fit jeans and tan hiker boots complete the urban chill.

Go Velvet

Velvet slippers are less formal than an Oxford or Derby lace-up, but they work just as well with your formal evening wear as with your jeans on an easy going day. While we’d always recommend wearing them with a pair of silk socks if you’re wearing them with your dinner suit, go sock-less if you’re going to wear them casually.

The Gos-Bling


If you thought accessories are only for the females, you’re absolutely wrong. Silver chains, hung over simple tees are a Gosling trademark. Keep it silver, avoiding gold gangster-bling.

Get Them Rollin’


It’s not always about keeping your cuffs at your wrists. Swap your traditional button-down for something that finishes around mid-bicep, or roll up your long-sleeves higher than your elbow as Gosling regularly does and you’ll nail it.

Now that you know how to dress irresistibly like the man himself, get cracking.