Men’s Style Check – Wardrobe Staples For 2017

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Every season, we drift towards a set of upward trends, hoard our wardrobes and save a few for keepsakes. Gone are those days when fashion trends were only applicable for men. It is time for men to up their fashion game. Last year we witnessed one such trend called Athleisure. It was quick to change our perception that joggers, a pair of kicks and a cool T-shirt thrown over is chic and cool. Here’s what is making the buzz this year around. Men, please note this down.



We all have seen stripes doing a lot of rounds last season and they definitely will stick around even in 2017. Be it the classic formal shirt or pajama stripe, they are all going to be invented with renewed fervour! Be sure to get a striped shirt, casual or formal and team it up with a multitude of bottoms to a create drool-worthy look.

Powder Blues

This is another hushed colour which is huge this year. Powder blue is the perfect cooling colour that will go hand in hand during spring/summer. Shades of blue are going to be spotted on men around the world, making them a much coveted colour. Think of a powder blue shirt combined with beige pants and complete the look with a printed scout scarf, this is absolute street style perfection.

Breezy Prints


Now, we won’t deny that we didn’t think of beaches lined with palm trees and picturesque horizons while terming this one as an essential but we definitely do want you to include this one in your wardrobe. For starters, they are pleasing to the eye and are also a great break from the otherwise plain and checked patterns. They look great on trousers and shorts alike while instantly giving you a vacation vibe amidst your mundane life.

Washed Out Colour


After solid and hushed colours what seems to have gathered interest from everyone are washed out colours. The worn out look that a T-shirt gets after multiple washes is what is trending today! Team it with a ripped jeans, rugged boots, ruffled hair and you might as well have pulled off an editorial look.

A Light Bomber


A Bomber is an outer layer that looks good on everyone. Invest in a simple, slim cut bomber jacket in a dark shade of cotton or light technical fabric, and you will become a street style muse in no time.

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Tell us what you are planning to stack your wardrobes with this year.