Mistakes Men Should Immediately Stop Making On Tinder

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Tinder has all kinds of people- the normal ones, the somewhere in between kinds and the weirdos, but it is a great place to kill time, get entertained and date at a fast pace. While there are many success stories that sprinkled due to this online dating app, there are also stories nightmarish in nature.

If you’re a guy on Tinder and your match rate is low, you are probably not doing it the right way. Follow the list below to avoid the lethal left swipe.

1. One Picture For Ages



If you have just one profile picture for a very, very long time, we are going to assume that you are highly unattractive or you have a social disorder to only have one picture.

2. Avoid Bad Selfies


If you must take a selfie, take a proper one. Avoid the mirror shots with your phone that covers almost half of your entire face. What is the entire purpose of taking a picture like that and uploading it when we cannot even see your face?!

3. Topless Poses

If you think we are going to see your abs and think, “OMG I must date him NOW!” you couldn’t be more wrong. We are probably going to think that you do not have a life outside the gym and are self obsessed.

4. Sunglasses Everywhere



If you’ve got sunglasses on in every photograph of yours, we are going to think that you have crazy eyes. Hide only the things that you should.

5. An Introduction That Is A Great Lullaby

An introduction is everything when it comes to online dating. Greetings such as, ‘Hi’, ‘Hey babe’, ‘How’s u’, and ‘Waz up’ are boring and rarely get a reply. Engage in a light and friendly greeting, with subtle compliments and questions that are engaging.

6. A Lack Of Patience



If you are ‘accidentally’ ignored, don’t bombard women with oodles of messages. If women are interested in you, they will get back to you. Patience builds comfort instead of reeking of desperation.

7. Stop The Lying


Cheaters ruin the entire dating platform, be it offline or online. If you tell a woman that you are 6′ and show up on a date with a height of 5’5″, it is called lying and cheating. It is okay if you do not have the perfect physique or an admirable height. It will not make you any less a man but lying definitely will. Honesty will always be appreciated.

8. Do A Background Check



A messy background will only talk volumes about how untidy and unorganized you are. If you are planning to take a picture in your room, tidy it up first before posing.

9. Poor Grammar,Punctuation And Spelling



Words should be carefully used because once they are out, there’s no way how you can take them back. It is never “Your beautiful”, but “You’re beautiful”. If you’re weak in your GPS (Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation), always re-read your sentences before sending them out. Auto-correct is also a lifesaver at such instances.

10. Song Quote As Bio



How original!

Are there any other things that should be on the list? Comment below and tell us!!





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