Monsoon Styling Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

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Monsoon may spell romance in movies and books, but in reality, it’s synonymous with muck smeared roads and terribly stained clothes. But that is no excuse to dress sloppy. Dressing for the rains can be a whole new feeling of fun.


Stick to quick drying fabrics like lycra, mull or poly nylon. But remember whenever you wear these fabrics, you have to deodorize heavily because they are not very sweat friendly. Stay away from light knits and linens because they tend to shrink when they come in contact with water. As much as we all love denims, it’s the best to try and avoid them during the rainy season because when they get wet, they get heavy and smelly. They are also very difficult to dry.


Avoid whites and also stay away from any pastel colours because stains are more visible on them. So, fight the grey weather by playing around with bright colours and bold prints.


Everyone knows that leather is a big no-no for the monsoons. Not only when you are outdoors but also when you are indoors, you don’t want to expose any leather accessories to the humidity. It will just ruin them. So, it is best to store away any leather accessories during the monsoon months. Invest in a nice pair of rain friendly rubber shoes. Choose a neutral colour in a simple design so you can pull them off even at a formal occasion. You may think that the flipflops are more suited for the rainy weather, but that’s actually untrue. Flipflops and any loose slippers will squirt back the dirty water on your feet and clothes. Remember to choose sandals or footwear that is also secure at your heels.

The Western Way

Hemlines must be crop this season. So, bring out all the shorts, playsuits and dresses. They are super comfortable and easy to style. Put away all your maxi skirts and long trousers because they can be pretty inconvenient around wet floors. For dresses, stick to A-line silhouettes and slightly looser styles, so nothing gets too clingy. For a strictly office look, you can wear a pencil skirt with a shirt. And guess what? You can still wear your whites, as long as you layer them.

Traditional Way

No floor length anarkalis, long kurtas and bulky patiala salwars. Wear cotton blended short kurtis and style them differently. Ditch the long dupattas and opt for short scarves that will still keep you warm. Totally avoid tie dye, bandhani and Rajasthani prints as they run colour when wet.

If you follow these tips, you are surely to impress even during the rains.  

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