The Moo(t) Point: Why The World Needs To Stop Mocking Those Who Don’t Eat Beef

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Maybe I am making a big deal out of it, but since I strongly believe in this, I’ll go ahead anyway.

So, I am a Hindu. A practising Hindu. My way of life is Hinduism. I find my solace in my 33 crore Gods and Goddesses and I believe my religion can solve anything and everything in this world (This is NOT in comparison to any other religion, please NOTE.)

A lot of non Hindus and Liberals have been bashing the fact that we don’t eat the cow and are protective over it, sharing memes where cows are more protected in the country than women and the like.
Ludicrous at this age. However, it’s not in my teachings to retort back to negativity. No.

Firstly, about 90% of the Hindus are non beef eaters. The reasons for this are plentiful, scientific, cultural as well as demographic. Let’s talk about the potential risks it poses to our health; eating beef not only weakens our immune system, but also increases the risk of cancer. It also leads to type 2 diabetes. An estimated 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the carbon emissions of the global livestock sector, with the beef industry accounting for 65% of all livestock emissions.

I am not in anyway advocating a ban on beef or that people who eat beef are lesser beings, but what I am trying to say is that people who don’t follow this religion or who don’t believe in this tenet to kindly not make a mockery of this practice which has been followed through eons. It’s not hurting you. We are peacefully practicing it. At least most of us. Learn to have RESPECT for all.

Growing up in a multicultural and EDUCATED environment, I always had friends who were of different religions. We sat and ate together whether they had beef or not. I am blessed to have had respectful acquaintances who respected MY AFFILIATION towards some of the tenets of my culture and never did they offer me beef nor did they taunt me with the fact that they eat it. We had a peaceful coexistence. Nor did I ever force them to go away because they had beef in their lunch boxes. We had peace. We had a general acceptance of each other’s religious beliefs and culture.

We Hindus have a thick skin. We take insults valiantly.

When I came across this meme, I was appalled. Maybe it was a joke but would you make such a comedic reference to a religion as such? How does your conscience allow to joke about such a context of you actually forcing cow meat on everybody? Please correct me if I have taken this point of view too seriously, but I feel the context of cow worship in Hinduism is subjected to much mockery, even by educated folks. It’s embarrassing that when so many sections of the society are striving for inclusion in all aspects, people who are responsible of influencing people through media are making fun of an important religious aspect. Yes, many of us worship the cow. You have to accept it and move on. It’s that simple.

Coming to the rampant misogynistic behavior of the so called “Gau Rakshaks”, firstly, as a practising Hindu, I don’t feel the need to clarify my stand. However, as a responsible individual, I must say that they are a menace who are unruly and are basic criminals with vile intentions. I hope the law takes it’s own course and meets them with a life altering punishment.

We live in a secular country. Until and unless we can respect each others’ religious choices and fundamental way of living, we can never progress because whether we like it or not, religion plays a huge role in our country.

For all those sharing memes as to how cows are safer than women, kindly check the status of women safety and security in communist ruled states where ‘religion’ by definition does not play a huge part in people’s lives. We need a vigilant environment to make places safer for women, not just constantly keep bashing Hindu practices by drawing a nonsensical analogy between the two.

It is funny how people cannot stand any cruelty against other animals like dogs, cats, horses, etc, but the same people go berserk when someone chooses not to kill or eat a cow. Sometimes, these animals die piece by piece.

Cow piss isn’t going to destroy the world. Radicalism, intolerance, hatred among communities will, and is already on its course to create havoc. Let us all be EDUCATED enough to have ACCEPTANCE of everybody’s practices and coexist in a happy personal space.