Moving Photography Of How Dogs Get Older

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All living things age and nothing can change this harsh fact about life. Life is always moving forward and time is an enemy we all try to fight. Photographer Amanda Jones has beautifully captured the process of growing old. She has dedicated the past 20 years to an incredible photography project which aims to show just how fleeting the lives of our beloved pet dogs are. While there are dogs that age gracefully and you can barely see the years on them, some will show their age and that’s why this photo series is somewhat sad and sweet. But, no matter how old our pets get, they will always bring joy and happiness in our lives!

Take a look at Amanda Jones’ deeply moving photo project on dogs.

Corbet — 2 years and 11 years

Sydney and Savannah — 16 months and 5 months & 10 and 9 years

Rufus — 6 months and 13 years

Briscoe — 1 year and 10 years

Fred — 2 years and 10 years

Poppy — 1 year and 7 years

Maddie and Ellie — 7 and 6 years & 14 and 13 years

Maddy — 5 years and 10 years

Kayden and Brodie — 11 months and 5 years & 7 years and 12 years

Cooper — 3 years and 10 years

Audrey — 3 years and 12 years

Abigale — 5 months and 8 years

Lily — 8 months and 15 years

*All images by Amanda Jones

Her book Faithful Friends, Then and Now can be purchased here.

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