Offbeat Groom Sherwanis That Are Definitely Worth The Try

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Indian weddings are grand, pompous and about dressing your finest. While we get floored by the bridal trousseau, the groom’s attire seldom makes an impact like that on us. The groom’s attire seems to always take a backseat. We need to remember that the groom is as big a highlight as the bride on the starry evening, and we just cannot ignore the true essence and complexities of the issues.

Men’s fashion at Indian weddings is slowly picking up and is being dealt with a little more seriousness today. For those grooms out there who want to join this trend of dressing as good as your would be, this article is here to help you achieve just that.

Here are a few unique and unconventional Sherwani colour combinations that you can pick and choose for the main evening.

Peach Pink with Caramel Brown and Grey

Pave some way for this suave fusion of colors, which is certain to keep the bar of finesse up and high.

Black and White

Black and white never fails to make a mark. This combination is a refresh to the realm of Sherwani basics, and holds great promise as a groom’s wear.

Rose Pink

This is a classic piece for the fashion forward. The soft rose pink is soothing to the eye and the floral prints are a splash of fun and bold. This will be way more than just ordinary to the onlookers.

 Dusty Rose

You are the groom and it is absolutely fair for you to not make elementary choices for your grand day. Hog the limelight by togging up this beautiful dusty rose tinted sherwani and let your styling effort receive its full due.

White and Gold

White and gold is another classic combination that can never go wrong, and it is ideal for a daylight wedding. Accessorize with heavy dupattas or neck-pieces and it’ll steal the show.

Purple, Gold, Copper and Off White

Break the predictability of sobriety by walking up to the bride in this chic combination, and drawing attention to yourself in the best ways possible. The colour is vivid enough and will not demand accessories.

Orange Brocade

Catapult your persona to some levels of rare charm by donning this colour on your wedding. This piece is a great captivator of overwhelming proportions, especially for a daylight wedding.

So, what’s your choice?

Photo courtesy: Pinterest