Here Is The Perfect Way To Unshrink Your Clothes

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Have you ever washed a piece of clothing in your washing machine that you should have been careful with, and shrunk it, so much so that it fit a two year old perfectly instead of you? Well, I have been there too.

Fret no more though, because we have found just the right solution to ‘unshrink’ your clothes and what is more is that it only requires a sink full of lukewarm water, a cap full of hair conditioner and a large towel. That is all you need.

So, let’s get started.

Step 1



Fill a clean sink or plastic tub with lukewarm water. Not hot water, which will tighten the fibers even more, and not cold water, as the conditioner won’t thoroughly dissolve.

Step 2



Add a cap full of soft hair conditioner and use your hands to break up big globs of conditioner. Any plain, cheap conditioner will do, so don’t waste expensive salon conditioners on shrunken shirts. The conditioner acts as an agent that helps stretch clothes back into shape, without ruining the fabric.

Step 3



Soak the piece of clothing for 30 minutes and gently remove the garment from the water and squeeze it out. Do not rinse it.

Step 4



Lay your piece of clothing out flat on a towel and absorb even more water. You can also roll it in the towel to press out water, too.

Step 5

Air dry the cloth. If you want to ‘unshrink’ the garment even more, you can gently stretch each section of it before laying it over to dry.

and, tadaa, you have your clothes back in shape!