The Secret To Making Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

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Nothing brightens the room quite like a vase of fresh flowers. Whether you have received a bouquet of gorgeous flowers or plucked them from your garden, use these tips to make your cut flowers last a little bit longer.

Take A Clean Vase


Wash the jar or vase or whatever that you use to keep your cut flowers in, thoroughly with a regular washing soap to ensure that all bacteria is removed. They are fatal for your blooms, so make sure you keep your vase neat and clean.

Use Warm Water

Wake your flowers up with warm or hot water to help them stand up straight. Also, keep changing the water everyday.

DIY Flower Food

If you don’t have flower food, you can easily make your own. Put one tablespoon of sugar into the water. The sugar will help nourish the flowers and promote opening of the blooms. Then, add one tablespoon of white vinegar. The vinegar controls the growth of bacteria in the water, and keeps your flowers fresh for longer.

Remove Leaves Below Water Level

Leaves left on the bottom of the stem and placed in water, starts to rot. This causes the water to become contaminated. Before you put your flowers in the jar, cut off the leaves that are below the water level.

Trim The Stems

Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle to help the flowers absorb water and nutrients. Keep trimming them daily, when you change the water in the vase.

Avoid Keeping Them In Direct Sunlight

Display your flowers in a cool area. Avoid direct sunlight as it causes the flowers to die more quickly.

If you and your blooms are looking for a long term relationship, do give these tips a try.

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