The Essential Packing Guide For Your Epic Outdoor Adventure

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An adventure trip is all about going out into the unknown and savoring experiences of thrill and amazement. If you like outdoor adventure like hiking, road tripping, trekking or camping under the starry night,  our guide will make sure you pack the right accessories so that you are prepared for the unknown.

The Right Rucksack


Whether it is a day-long hike or an extended backpacking trip, a sturdy rucksack is the best way to carry all your belongings. Purchase one with wide and adjustable shoulder straps that don’t put too much pressure on your back and shoulders. Also make sure it has enough compartments, so you can organize and store your belongings. For a short hike, a 30-liter rucksack like is ideal. For a long backpacking trip, a 50-liter one will hold you in good stead.


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Get a good pair of sunglasses that follow the contours of your face correctly, so that the glasses stay where they are supposed to during hard-charging activities such as trail running. Get a pair with innovative magnetic interchanging lens system that makes it fast and easy to swap out lenses for changing light conditions or to switch to your prescription lenses.

Comfortable Shoes Or Boots


Getting stuck with the wrong kind of shoe on your adventure trip can be a real damp squib, so make sure to pack a robust and comfortable pair of sneakers. Low-ankle sneakers are great for short hikes or walking around in a city, while high-ankle ones will be great companions on a long, difficult trek.

A Windcheater

Staying warm and dry in an unexpected storm is not a problem with a good windcheater. Opt for a quick-dry nylon windcheater, preferably with a hood for better protection and easy use.

Sleeping Bag

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Whether you’re going camping or simply taking a road trip with your friends, a sleeping bag is a must carry for when you’re hitting the outdoors. An all-season rectangular sleeping bag works best to keep you warm and comfortable when you’re sleeping under the stars. If it looks like you may also have to sleep in your car at times, opt for one that provides greater warmth and is more lightweight.


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We all know how unpredictable outdoor adventures can be and a flashlight comes super handy especially when you are going camping or on a night trek. Invest in a good quality LED light with rechargeable batteries if you’re going to be camping out for a few days.

GPS watch

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Whatever activity that you are doing in an unknown terrain, a durable GPS watch will keep you better informed about location and direction. Look for a watch that has an altimeter, thermometer, barometer, and compass, along with route finding, heart rate, speed, distance, and pace, and also sends calls, messages, and notifications directly on the watch.

Swiss Army Knife


Practical and compact, a Swiss army knife is an essential all-purpose tool to carry when you’re out camping. Get a pocket knife that includes small and large blades, a can opener, a corkscrew, a screwdriver, wire stripper, scissors and wood saw so that you are never stuck.



This is obvious if you plan to camp. Carrying your own tent ensures comfort and warmth in your camping trips. It is best to make sure you choose one that protects you from the rain, stays firmly in place, allows for good ventilation and can be carried and set up easily.



Eating meals on treks is a challenge to many and not many of us can pull off a Bear Grylls. The idea here is to replace calories lost and not feast, because over-eating could work against you while trekking. Keep handy snacks like dry fruits and nut or energy bars, instant dried noodles or rice and things that do not take too long to prepare.

So, get set and go!