To Celebrate Or Not To Celebrate Valentine’s Day – That Is The Question!

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It is that time of the year again when gift shops are filled with last minute shoppers, cafes and restaurants have more people than they can accommodate and all parks, riverside, seaside, lakeside and even parking areas are more crowded than usual.

What’s wrong in celebrating love? In one word – Nothing.

There is nothing wrong in celebrating love, however, the concept of celebrating it ‘only’ on a particular day is what is wrong. I feel, love is something personal, but, we all celebrate Valentine’s Day because well, everyone else is. It would have been a different story if you did it everyday.

I’m pretty romantic and my romantic sense tells me – your most special day cannot be on a day which has been decided by others or by the calendar much before you or your beloved were born. I would rather consider our anniversary or my partner’s birthday to be the most special one and save the celebration for this day. Why should it be the fourteenth of February for everyone when love is not a general activity? Why not the eleventh or the eighteenth? Why not April or October? And if I already have a better day, why would I need another day? Love is more than just an excitement. The celebration of romance would be far more satisfying on these days because the emotions would be far more superior. Also, if you have surprises and plans, do it again on the birthdays.

Valentine’s day is arguably one of the most luxurious, excessively generous and effusive day among all days of the calendar. To an extent, it’s stupid. All of a sudden a million hearts start to beat in the same rhythm. A million are under the extreme pressure of celebrating it again with the same person, sometimes, to their disappointment.  There are a few people who do not celebrate this day at at all, and no, I am not only talking about the singles here. I imagine, they must be among the most peaceful of the lot. I apologize! I forgot to mention, there are few charged up and juiced up hearts on a mission too.

Valentine’s day brings along excitement as well as stress. To some it brings in thrill and to some confusion. We see a lot of drama too. To some it’s stupid and to some it’s crazy. To some, it is also a day of realisation of bigger truths in life.

Here are the places where we are going wrong in celebrating the overtly dramatic ‘DAY OF LOVE”.

1. Get Your Facts Checked


To celebrate something year after year without getting our facts right is sickening. We tend to follow the practice. This is something the creator of the human race would have certainly questioned. I am not too sure if this is the kind of rationality we were gifted with! It tickles the funny bone of everyone who is sensible.

2. Commercialisation Of Love?

We all agree that commercialisation of health care is dangerous. How about commercialisation of love? Dangerous? Sometimes the size of a teddy bear may decide if you are dateable or not. The materialistic love multiples with Valentine’s day. We may actually not realise that we are probably a better gift ourselves. The most absurd and laughable fact is that you pay a lot more than the actual worth of these gifts.

3. Love Is In The Air

The phrase, “love is in the air” has become so common that it seems like a feast or a carnival of love. Not to forget, Valentine’s Day perhaps can very well be the reason for your break up next year.

4. Where Is The Charity?


We tend to spend too much on this day and this may be fine. But, too many people spend too much on the same day. It’s still fine if it’s balanced. I dined at a posh restaurant, let me ensure somebody else gets to dine at least. The law of nature tells us that when we celebrate anything on such a large scale, it becomes our duty to ensure everyone has the least means to celebrate it in their own simplest way. That’s one reason no festival goes without charity. According to the National Retail Federation, the average person celebrating Valentine’s Day in US spent nearly $147 in 2016. I imagine Indians spend approximately 20,000 crores on the Valentine’s day and/or maybe more!

There are, however, some positives as well….or..

1. A friend who never pays for your drink also ends up buying a gift for his Valentine. I am not too sure if you can call him a broke anymore.

2. Girls definitely have an edge over guys. They get more gifts which means more chocolates and candies. Boys, how many of those you would get will totally depend on your luck. Ironically, even single girls get more chocolates than committed guys. Trust me when I say that guys love chocolates too.

3. If you are interested in temporary relationships, you just cannot miss the opportunity. Happy go lucky.

4. Your friends are amazing couples and they probably had the time of their lives, leaving you disappointed as you could not plan as well as they did, but they had the fun. Learn to be happy for your friends, though.

5. A proposal on propose day and break up soon after Valentine’s day. Now, that is how it is done. But how many of us are that lucky?!

6. A few of us don’t plan to go for bollywood movies like ‘Jolly LLB 2’ ; it fails define the mood of the day, unlike last year when makers of ‘Fitoor’ and ‘Sanam Re’ saw happy Valentine’s Day couples enter the movie halls to watch these movies that promised romance. I do not really know if the couples were still happy while leaving the theater.

7. I would rather call this day ‘a million dollar revenue’ day. Although it’s more of a waste, but millions of cards and flowers are exchanged. Florists, jewelers, hoteliers and restaurant owners, clubs and discotheques, gift shop owners, chocolate manufacturers, travel companies and their agents are probably happier than your Valentine on this day!

And please, come on, stop laughing at me if your anniversary is on the fourteenth of February. Valentine’s Day can very well be a day for couples, but it cannot be the day of love.

To all those celebrating Valentine’s day, have a great time. Happy couples day.

DISCLAIMER: Apologies to all those celebrating Valentine’s day with full fervor. In my defence, I did a two minutes survey and found out that most of my friends on my WhatsApp contact list do not have a ‘Valentine’s day’ status. This gave me the encouragement to write this. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a date to prepare for. 😀